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Apigenin For Anxiety

Apigenin is a natural element found in many fruits and vegetables. The full effects to the human body have not been entirely discovered but have been proved to help calm nerves, provide antioxidant effects and fight cancer cells. Apigenin is found in fruits and vegetables such as parsley, chamomile, wheat sprouts and several seasonings. Other than its natural advantages, its yellow color is used to dye garments. The compound has anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties that deteriorate the growth of cancer and anxiety.

Recent laboratory research had determined that Apigenin can significantly decrease and even fight depression. A study conducted in the UK found that Apigenin relaxes blood cells and smoothens muscle fibers. Plants that contain properties such as Luteolin, Bisabolol, and Apigenin give the best results to anxiety patients. The effect of Apigenin to calm and soothe the body was also evident in a study carried out in South Korea. The property significantly lowered anxiety in patients and also improved their sleeping patterns compared to patients who did not take Apigenin. Anxiety has different causes, and that is why doctors recommend Apigenin because it cures all diseases that trigger anxiety. This article will highlight the benefits of using Apigenin supplements.

1. High Source of Antioxidants

The main antioxidant components extracted from fruits, vegetables, and chamomile flowers are Terpenoid group of antioxidants. Since the antioxidants are delicate in their natural forms, they are preserved in alcoholic tincture. Apigenin compound lowers inflammation by fighting mutating cells that cause the radical change. Take a cup of warm water that contains Apigenin supplements or vegetables and fruits in their natural form and improve your immune system, lower mood swings, discover healthier hair, reduced joint pains and improved eyesight.

2. Fights Anxiety and Depression

Apigenin, whether in tea, tincture or essential oils form, is one of the outstanding medicinal herbs for fighting stress and relaxing the body. Chamomile has a high number of Apigenin compounds, and a lot of doctors recommend patients put it in their tea to reduce stress and depression. Research carried out in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Pharmacognosy indicates that inhaling Chamomile essential oils on a daily basis is a natural remedy for anxiety and depression. That is the reason why chamomile is used around the world in many candles, massage rooms, aromatherapy products and shower gels.

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Apigenin's natural form is often used as a mild sedative to calm nerves. Its vapor travels directly to the olfactory part of the brain, turns the tension off and reduces the body's stress response. You have probably wondered why doctors use products with apigenin to relieve chronic anxiety. The main reasons are it reduces levels of hysteria, insomnia, nightmares and some digestive problems. The relaxing smell of chamomile goes directly to the brain and acts as an emotional trigger. The brain then evaluates the sensory stimuli to eliminate pain and danger by registering pleasure. Research proves that using oils with apigenin are the quickest ways to cure anxiety and achieve psychological results.

3. Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory and Pain-Reducing Abilities

Apigenin is sometimes called the “herbal aspirin” as it's been used for centuries to cure pain. In the past, people used chamomile leaves and flowers with other anti-inflammatory elements to reduce pain, chest congestion, and swelling. Apigenin's effectiveness at reducing facial swelling, irritation, toothaches, joint aches and pain from infections is the main reason why the product is added to almost all beauty products such as lotions and shower gels. Apigenin properties lower pain caused by arthritis, back pain and other injuries. In fact, the pain relieving properties are used to help women who have just given birth. In Mexico, Chamomile tea, which has high Apigenin properties, is given to women after labor to relax their muscles, relax their mind, relieve anxiety and help them rest peacefully.

4. Relieves Congestion

Because of Apigenin's various advantages to the human body including fighting infections and stuffy noses, it is added to many nasal sprays. Any tea that has added Apigenin supplements helps you beat the cold, flu and sinuses in a short time. And if the blocked nose and chest are way overboard, boil chamomile flowers and inhale the steam and in an hour you will feel the difference.

The intake of Apigenin for acute diseases such as cancers should be recommended by the physician based on the intensity of the disorder. The dosage prescribed should not be reduced or exceeded. Apigenin has proved to be one of the most natural herbs that cure anxiety and gives the best results.