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Understanding A Panic Attack Anxiety Disorder

In the past, anxiety had been given a bad rap. You wouldn't think it, but anxiety is a naturally occurring human reaction. This reaction can help us to respond to threats producing adrenaline that can help us in our time of need. In some cases though, this reaction can lead to a panic attack anxiety disorder.

An anxiety disorder is a range of emotions from something as simple as nervousness to debilitating feelings of terror. The good news is, these disorders are pretty common and are the most treatable. A combination of medication and therapy are prescribed in most cases.

Panic Attack Anxiety Disorder - How To Know

But how do you know that you have or are experiencing a type of panic attack anxiety disorder? well, some of the symptoms can include but are not limited to: chest pains, labored breathing, fast heartbeat, nausea, dizziness and uncontrollable thoughts that persist for no apparent reason. Of course you'll want to seek the advice of a professional before trying to diagnose this yourself.

There are a lot of things that many of us fear in our lives. But to some, these fears become something they obsess over and eventually lose control. A better known term for these overwhelming fears are phobias. As you can guess and have probably heard, there are an array of phobia types. For example, Arachnophobia which is actually a title of a Hollywood movie is a fear of spiders. Another one would be the uncontrollable fear of open places or Agoraphobia. Many of the same symptoms that are experienced during panic or anxiety attacks are also felt when succumbing to a phobia.

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Another Form Of Panic Attack Anxiety Disorder

Another form of anxiety disorder is one you may have heard a lot about when our solders come home from war is post-traumatic stress disorder. This disorder also known as PTSD, happens after and individual experiences, participates or witnesses an event such as war, torture, death or any form of other traumatic circumstances. This disorder can be characterized by acute anxiety or panic attacks and unrelenting nightmares. Individuals with this condition have problems concentrating and sleeping at night. This again is an example of an extreme case of a panic attack anxiety disorder.

When we are looking for help with panic attack anxiety disorders it is important to know what may have caused them. You may also want to consider when and where the incident occurred as it may have something to do with the cause. With our advances in psychology and drug therapy many are now finding relief to this debilitating condition. It is no longer necessary to live your life in fear anymore. Seek out help and you are sure to find it.

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